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I had the honor of being selected to apply for this class and answered the opportunity. In this class, four schools, 3 universities (AIB, A&M, UTD) and 1 high school (DATA) worked together to produce two 30-second shorts. Each class of each school was divided into teams A and B. The home base of this experiment was A&M.
Anyway, I was on team B and our decision based on two director's pitches was "Where Puppies Come From." I was responsible for texturing and UV mapping (as necessary) the plants. I used procedurals for everything but baked the textures to bitmaps for the Puppy Trees. All-in-all, the class was very insightful.

Shots 1-4 Final Render
Shot 4 Texture Preview
Shot 3 Texture Preview
Shot 2 Texture Preview
Shot 1 Texture Preview
Plants Lineup Textured Final
Plants Lineup Textured
Plant Zen Teir Final
Plant Zen Teir
Plant Sunflower Final
Plant Sunflower
Plant Qtip Final
Plant Qtip
Plant PuppyTree  Final
Plant PuppyTree Sick  Final
Plant PuppyTree Sick Bulb Final
Plant PuppyTree Sick Bulb 2
Plant PuppyTree Sick Bulb 1
Plant PuppyTree Sick
Plant PuppyTree Bulb Final
Plant PuppyTree Bulb 2
Plant PuppyTree Bulb 1
Plant PuppyTree
Plant Octu Final
Plant Octu
Plant Mushroom Side
Plant Mushroom Multiple Final
Plant Mushroom Multiple
Plant Mushroom Final
Plant Mushroom
Plant Circlebud Final
Plant Circlebud
Plant Berry Fern Final
Plant Berry Fern