Photography and New Media: Perspectives

February 20, 2011
As part of my Photography and New Media class, the purpose of these collages is to document a single object or a scene by splicing together images of varying perspectives and distances from more or less the same direction. I call these pieces “My Common Encounters.”

Even though this isn’t my vehicle, this is the one I’ve been using since my vehicle has been in the shop waiting to fixed in order to acquire an inspection sticker. It wouldn’t be a big a part of my life apart from the fact that I usually spend 45 minutes in it 6 times a week.

These light bulbs were part of a project from my Mixed Media class. However, it also represents my lifelong fascination with light bulbs.

This is my desk! As you could imagine, this is where most of my time is spent working on school, my website, things in 3D, watching animation, and just about everything else. The light bulbs are in series on each side, but I still only turn them on when it’s cold.

If you’ve been to my Solar/Wind System page, then it’s easy to figure why these would be a common encounter. I wish I could afford to put more up, but it’s a slow process.